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BitRecover XPS to PDF Wizard

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Had you been looking for an XPS to PDF converter that not only offers excellent service but also is within your understanding? We deal with one such solution in the name of XPS to PDF Wizard application that is not just designed with technical specifications kept in mind but also with user friendliness given consideration. BitRecover XPS to PDF Wizard has been one of the highly dependable solutions in present time for making XPS transfer into PDF format document file. The application is completely safe as well as secure to utilize. The tool supports all Windows OS to execute the conversion process.Precise Facilities for an Accurate Functionality: This application intended to serve users with XPS to PDF conversion so that MS XPS (XML paper specification) can be accessed on several platforms and devices without any restrictions faced. I. You can instantly transfer the unlimited number of data from XPS file into PDF format file within a few clicks. II. With the help of this technologically structured application, you can easily move your XPS file contents to PDF with the hierarchical order of the files maintained throughout the end of the procedure. III. XPS to PDF Wizard offered by this application has been served with a supportive algorithm i.e. the tool supports all editions of Windows OS platform so that performing the transfer becomes abesolutely smooth for all Windows users

XPS to PDF Wizard

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  • Convert large XPS to PDF documents without error.
  • Dual options for inserting XPS – XML Paper Specification File.
  • Batch convert XPS to PDF and save your much time.
  • Maintains all attributes, components & folder structure.
  • No need for installing Adobe Acrobat program.
  • Complete conversion process of XPS to Adobe PDF format.
  • Always preserves integrity of data after conversion.
  • Store resultant data by browsing specific desired path.

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Why XPS to PDF Converter Software ?

Users can use google XPS to PDF converter all-rounder application for exporting XPS documents in bulk. By using this application user can save their precious time. You are free to select final output option according to you. .xps to .pdf converter will also keep the integrity of the data along with no data loss scenario. If you are searching for how to convert xps to pdf then this is the best solution.


BitRecover XPS to PDF Wizard permits to convert into XPS to PDF format. Users can easily convert their XPS files in bulk by using this amazing application. It saves user’s time and effort.


If your desired XPS files are affected with viruses then you can also use this software to convert XPS files into PDF however BitRecover experts don’t advise to convert affected XPS files


XPS to PDF converter is designed in such a way that it does not require any external program dependency. It works instantly without support of any external application, even basic computer users can also easily setup it on their pc.


This .xps to .pdf converter app always maintains the complete integrity of the data. This is beneficial for users as their data will remain safe. Users can get the best output result without any mess up.

BitRecover XPS to PDF Converter Application Features
Best software to change XPS file to PDF document.

Supports dual conversion mode

There are two conversion options of .xps file to Adobe PDF file format which is provided by this software. User can choose any of the desired option accordingly. Select Folder – this step gives access to user for conversion of multiple XPS files in PDF format at a moment. Select files – it allows user to convert Microsoft XPS files into Adobe PDF format one by one.

Supports batch conversion of XPS to PDF

This effective software allows user to convert XPS to PDF in bulk at once with precise data without losing any crucial information. This option provides an ease for users by converting bulk of data in few clicks and without wasting any time. It helps to save user’s valuable time and converts multiple XPS files to PDF file format within few moments.

Preserves data integrity even after conversion

XPS to PDF document converter is crafted in such a manner that it safeguards the originality of data after conversation. It manages the on – disk folder hierarchy, formatting, meta properties, attachments, etc. In its original form. No changes can be done with the exact styling of data after conversion to PDF file format.

Freedom to browse destination path

This utility provides an alternative to store the converted PDF files at user – friendly destination on the system. It is the most useful feature as users can control the converted .pdf files at required destination of hard disk and gives feature to create a new folder to store the final data.

100% secure and accurate to convert XPS files

For user’s sake of reliability, this best XPS to PDF Converter proves to be the most secured, easiest, fastest, and powerful application. The resultant files are completely free from any Virus, Malware or any infection. User can perform the *.xps to *.pdf conversion Offline without requiring Internet connection.

Complete XPS to PDF conversion process

This is an exclusive application to convert XPS to PDF high quality flawlessly. Now user can print XPS to PDF online with its images, forms, graphs hyperlinks, tables & formatting smoothly. Also, it manages the data folder structure after conversion in accurate form without data loss.

Creates separate Adobe PDF Documents

XPS to PDF HD Converter creates separate resultant PDF documents for each XPS – XML Paper Specification File. Suppose, if you inserted 100 *.xps files in the software panel for conversion then it will automatically create 100 *.pdf documents.

Shows live conversion progress

This .xps to .pdf converter previews live conversion progressive report in the software panel. It is helpful to check the live conversion status of selected files. Users can check conversion status, current file analyzing, file size, and destination path.

The PDF file format has become the preferred method of sharing documents for several reasons, but many users run into trouble when attempting to convert existing images or text files to PDF.

BitRecover Image to PDF Wizard is a specialized utility that simplifies the task of creating PDF files using images saved to various formats as the source content. However, it lacks a number of important features.

Easy-to-use program that supports batch processing

It should be clear immediately that this application was mainly designed with novices in mind, as it features a very simple layout that even the most inexperienced users should find to be accessible.

You can end up saving a lot of time if you frequently need to convert multiple image files to PDF, as this application allows you to import and process them all in one operation. Every picture from a certain folder can be loaded with just a few mouse clicks, but you cannot filter them based on format. Also, drag and drop support is not available.

Simple converter that offers limited functionality

While BitRecover Image to PDF Wizard enables you to convert multiple files at once, it is not possible to merge images into a single document.

Also, no parameters related to the page layout of the output PDF files can be modified, and you cannot apply watermarks or encrypt the created documents.

However, it is worth noting that the folder structure of the source files is kept intact when the generated documents are exported to the selected output directory, so it should be quite easy to sort through the created files.

Basic image to PDF converter

On the whole, BitRecover Image to PDF Wizard is a simple tool that can prove useful in certain situations, but it offers no advanced customization options and does not allow you to merge two or more images into a single output document.

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