CrossTec EMS IT Asset Management

CrossTec EMS IT Asset Management

CrossTec EMS IT Asset Management

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By CrossTec Corporation

With CrossTec EMS (Enterprise Management System) we can help ease your burden and offer a solution. EMS is a simple to use and cost effective IT asset management system. IT asset management gives an accurate, up-to-date picture of your IT resources. This is essential for monitoring, incident resolution, budgeting, planning and asset lifecycle management. IT resources can be better managed with CrossTec EMS. EMS allows administrators to automatically gather information about each user’s desktop PC and store this information in a central location. A much clearer picture of the company’s hardware and software appears. CrossTec EMS excels in information collection and display. Specific hot fixes for the operating system and major applications are identified, and deployed where needed. Detailed and fully customizable alerting, application and Internet metering / usage control are featured, as well as both push and pull software distribution over a LAN or WAN. EMS now also provides an integrated communication gateway allowing secure interaction with your assets, anywhere, over the Internet without the need for a VPN or changes to your existing network or firewall configuration. When you add in the new energy metering feature, which is aimed at helping organizations reduce their carbon footprint, meet internal energy saving targets and reduce operational costs, it is easy to see that this software is the most complete IT asset management suite available for small and medium-sized businesses

CrossTec EMS® software is a simple to use and cost effective IT asset management system. IT asset management gives an accurate, up-to-date picture of your IT resources. This is essential for monitoring, incident resolution, budgeting, planning, and asset life cycle management.

IT assets account for the largest proportion of overall IT budgets meaning management and maintenance is one of the highest priority corporate goals for any organization.

Mismanaged IT assets can cost far more than necessary through waste and unnecessary redundancy and can result in overly complex or disorganized management and maintenance routines. By implementing an effective IT asset management program, companies can track, manage and control every asset in their enterprise as well as increase compliance with ever-tightening government compliance regulations.

Factor in software costs where the initial purchase prices pale in comparison to money spent on duplicate licensing purchases or bloated leasing contracts due to lack of a real understanding of organizational software use.

Information is key. Without it, decisions on software or hardware roll-outs become a guessing game lacking any accurate or realistic prediction of future need.

CrossTec EMS software is easy to install and is extremely user-friendly. There has never been a better time to see how CrossTec EMS software can save you time and money.

IT Asset Management and Hardware Inventory

If decisions on upgrades and the roll out of new technology are to be taken from an informed position, then information is key. With this in mind, CrossTec EMS® software provides one of the most comprehensive and detailed Hardware Inventory modules available on the market today.

A wealth of information for specific PCs is provided ranging from CPU and BIOS types to memory, memory slots used and those available for future expansion. Information is presented either for a specific PC or for departments summarized by category, such as by Operating System, CPU, Video Card or Memory.

Inventory reports are displayed either for a single PC, a selected Department, condition based “Dynamic Group” or for the Company.

Hardware Inventory updates can be configured to run at different time intervals. Specific settings can be applied for the Company or for separate departments. The EMS operator is able to run a quick Inventory update at any time.

Ensuring the most accurate information is always available, EMS provides the option to add details of associated items manually, such as a PDA or Mobile Phone, and provides a standalone Inventory scan of a non-networked PC which can be added to the EMS database.

The version is, CrossTec EMS, IT asset management made easy. CrossTec EMS is a complete modular solution that delivers Hardware and Software inventory and License Management. It features detailed and fully customizable Alerting, Application and Internet Metering / Usage Control and both push and pull Software Distribution over…

IT Asset Management with CrossTec EMS

IT pros report that they are having a hard time balancing security, software and hardware management, and IT auditing along with all of their other duties and are taking on a larger role in cutting asset costs.  They are being forced into a do more with less approach. Our CrossTec EMS (Enterprise Management System) we can help ease your burden and offer a solution.

EMS is a simple to use and cost effective IT asset management system.  IT asset management gives an accurate, up-to-date picture of your IT resources.  This is essential for monitoring, incident resolution, budgeting, planning, and asset life cycle management.

EMS is easy to install and its interface is extremely user-friendly.  There has never been a better time to see how CrossTec EMS can save you time and money.


  • Software and Hardware Inventory with Alerts and Reports
  • Reporting engine with alerts on changes
  • Software Distribution
  • Internet Metering
  • Application Metering
  • Integrated Remote Control module

    CrossTec EMS Console Description

    This app is provided as a supporting tool for CrossTec EMS, a complete IT Asset Management solution, delivering a suite of features to help support the management and maintenance of IT assets across any company or school enterprise.

    The EMS mobile app allows a Technician, when away from their desk, to search for and view a detailed Hardware and Software Inventory for any PC on the network.

    The mobile app also includes a QR code scanner to help instantly identify any PC, either from an on-screen QR code displayed by EMS, or from a label fixed to the device. CrossTec EMS also provides a QR code label creation facility, including support for custom details. Histories of all hardware changes as well as any software installs or removals are also shown on the app.

    In addition to the Inventory and History views, the mobile app also highlights any new PC alerts that have triggered across the network.

    Looking for CrossTec EMS alternatives? Analyze a range of top Asset Management software that offer similar benefits at competitive prices. Empower your team by choosing the best CrossTec EMS competitor that meets your unique business requirements.

    CrossTec EMS gives an Admin or teacher IT management tools to effectively track, monitor and manage IT assets and online activity across any enterprise.

    This mobile Browser app for iOS tablets and smartphones is for use with CrossTec EMS (version 4.50 and above), a single, low-cost solution delivering IT Asset Management, Classroom Instruction, Internet Safety and more – with dedicated versions available for schools and corporate enterprises.

    The Browser app supports CrossTec EMS’s core desktop management capabilities. When launched, it will interrogate the iOS device to gather key system inventory details and monitor online activity. The data collected is dynamically sent to your local CrossTec EMS Server and is then available for reporting within the CrossTec EMS Management Console.

    Standard browser navigation features including bookmarks, add tabs (with a relevant custom Default page applied), internet history, plus the option to change the default search engine are also included on the EMS Browser app’s toolbar.

    Supported Features:

    Real-time Monitoring – An Admin or Teacher via the Console can view a real-time summary of all devices. Selected devices can be viewed either in a detailed list view or via real-time thumbnails of each device screen.

    Internet Metering – A summary of Internet activity via the app is recorded, including start and finish times for each URL visited and the active time spent on a page.

    Internet Restrictions – Internet usage can be fully managed with the enforcement of approved and restricted website lists.

    Safeguarding Keyword Monitoring (Education version) – This tool helps schools protect students from being exposed to inappropriate online content. It alerts staff when students type or search for any terms that match with those in the EMS keyword database, providing safeguarding and internet safety indicators for self-harm, bullying, radicalisation, Child Sexual exploitation – and much more.

    Safeguarding Report a Concern (Education version) – Students can report concerns directly and discreetly to nominated school staff.

    Safeguarding Resources (Education Version) – The Safeguarding Resources icon, displayed on the Browser apps toolbar, gives students instant access to a list of appropriate online support resources.

    Hardware Inventory – When the EMS Browser is launched on a device, an inventory is dynamically sent to the CrossTec EMS Server.

    Enterprise Alerting – Real-time alerts enable Console operators to immediately identify any user who has attempted to access a restricted website or triggered a Safeguarding keyword.

    Activity – Console operators can see a chronological view of device activity for a selected time period, websites visited and triggered Safeguarding phrases.

    For more information on CrossTec EMS (or to download a full evaluation version of the entire solution) please visit our website.

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