Kansas Personal Property Bill of Sale

Kansas Personal Property Bill of Sale

Kansas Personal Property Bill of Sale

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Create a customized Kansas personal property bill of sale. The Kansas personal property bill of sale is state specific, editable and printable. The Kansas personal property bill of sale form is used to transfer the ownership of personal property from a seller to a buyer

Kansas general bill of sale is a legal document meant to provide legal proof of purchase of personal items between private parties. This form provides information on the item(s) being sold and purchased. It also proves a change of ownership. This document will require notarization, therefore all signing parties must be present before a notary public in order to execute.

When an individual is titling a vehicle with a lien, Kansas requires the notarization of the release of a lien, a lien holder consent from a state lien holder, and the lien holder’s section of the Request and Consent for Kansas Title to be Issued with Lien (TR-42).

In general, Kansas does not require bills of sale, title assignments, and applications to be notarized. However, it has the right to request notarization in “unusual circumstances,” such as if document information is incomplete or questionable.

Even though notarization is not required for all vehicle paperwork, doing so adds authority to a document. A notary is responsible for verifying the identities of the signers and ensuring they understand what they signed.

What is a Kansas Bill of Sale?


A Kansas bill of sale is a written record that documents the change in legal ownership of an item. In addition to being required to transfer the ownership of an item through a state agency, a Kansas bill of sale is an important part of personal record keeping. It can be particularly valuable if there is a legal dispute of some kind involving the item.


How Do I Write a Kansas Bill of Sale?


A simple Kansas bill of sale includes certain information about both the buyer and the seller:


  • Their names (printed)
  • The date of the bill of sale
  • Certain information about the item being sold
  • The amount the item was sold for
  • The signatures of the involved parties
  • In some instances, the bill of sale may also need to be notarized


A Kansas bill of sale can be written in plain English. There’s no need for legal jargon or archaic terms. The important part is to make sure that the bill of sale includes the required elements. If you’re a party listed in a Kansas bill of sale, make sure that you have more than one copy of the completed document.

Bill of Sale Templates

48 Templates

A bill of sale is an official document that confirms and details the sale of goods or transfer of property ownership from one person to another. Jotform’s PDF Bill of Sale Templates help you gather important information, payments, and signatures from buyers online. To get started, select one of the templates below that best suits your needs.

Jotform PDF Editor makes template customization fun. Why not add your company logo to give the bill of sale a professional touch? Customizing your Bill of Sale Template only takes a few minutes with our easy-to-use PDF Editor. No coding required — just drag and drop as many form fields as needed onto the template, along with specific terms and conditions and your company logo.

Kansas Bill of Sale

If you’re buying or selling high-value personal property in Kansas, you need a bill of sale. This legal document provides a clear record of ownership and protects both buyer and seller when expensive items are being bought and sold. Learn about what a bill of sale does, how to create one, and how to use one to safely document the transfer of ownership from a seller to a buyer.

Kansas general bill of sale form is a form that establishes the sale of personal property from a private seller to a buyer. This generic bill of sale is useful for recording a transaction wherein the buyer might need to prove ownership after the purchase. This document will outline the date the sale took place, the item(s) sold, the total sale price, and information on both parties. Once the form is filled out, the seller and buyer can sign the document. Depending on the type of property sold and the location of the parties, the bill of sale may need to be notarized.

Personal Property is generally defined as property which can include any asset other than real estate. Some examples of personal property are manufactured homes, non-highway vehicles, antique vehicles, vehicles tagged 16M or heavier, trailers, commercial & industrial machinery & equipment, airplanes, helicopters, gliders, dune buggy’s, golf carts, snowmobiles, ATV’s, mopeds, dirt bikes, work-site utility vehicles, travel trailers and campers not “RV” titled, boats, boat motors, boat trailers, jet skis and oil and gas interests.

Personal property must be reported annually to the County Appraiser on the Personal Property Assessment Form.  Every person, association, company or corporation who owns or holds, subject to his or her control, any taxable personal property is required by law to list the property for assessment by March 15 of each year.

The manner in which a vehicle is registered typically determines how the vehicle is valued and taxed for property taxation in Kansas:

“Taxed When Tagged” – simply means the property tax is paid at the time of registration through the Vehicle Registration Office. Motor vehicles registered with a gross weight of 12,000 lbs. or less, recreational vehicles with a Kansas RV-Title, and commercial trucks and trailers are “taxed when tagged” motor vehicles. Please see Vehicle Registration/Tags for more information.

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