Policy Patrol Disclaimers 64-bit

Policy Patrol Disclaimers 64-bit

Policy Patrol Disclaimers 64-bit

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Policy Patrol centrally adds user-based email signatures and email disclaimers at Exchange Server level and ensures that your emails contain a professional email signature along with the necessary legal disclaimer and company footer. Email signatures and disclaimers can contain images, links and formatting. With Policy Patrol’s Active Directory merge fields, each email signature is automatically personalized with the sender’s information. Policy Patrol 64-bit supports Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010, SBS 2008, 2011 and any email client or mobile device. No client installation necessary. Key Features: Active Directory merge fields, user friendly HTML editor with preview of AD fields, include logos and pictures, see disclaimers and signatures in Outlook Sent Items, use subject code to suppress/add footers, position signature below most recent message text, insert latest tweets and blog posts in email signature, insert images and links from AD, avoid multiple disclaimers, add footers based on sender/recipient, keywords, Active Directory groups or attributes

2 MANUAL Policy Patrol Disclaimers This manual, and the software described in this manual, are copyrighted. No part of this manual or the described software may be copied, reproduced, translated or reduced to any electronic medium or machine-readable form without the prior written consent of Red Earth Software except that you may make one copy of the program solely for back-up purposes. Policy Patrol is a registered trademark of Red Earth Software. All product names referenced in this documentation belong to the respective companies. Copyright by Red Earth Software. All rights reserved.

3 Contents at a Glance 1 Introduction Pre-installation Installation Importing users Disclaimer rules How to order rules Creating filters Creating templates History Additional tools Settings Server administration Troubleshooting…92 iii

4 Table of Contents 1 Introduction Why is filtering necessary? Policy Patrol editions Policy Patrol features How Policy Patrol addresses threats What s new in version 7? Why Policy Patrol? Conventions Manual overview Pre-installation System requirements Do I need the 32-bit or 64-bit version? Gathering necessary information If you have Exchange 2007/ If you have Exchange 2000/ If you have Exchange If you have Lotus Domino If you have another mail server If you have a clustered environment If you have a frontend/backend server setup If you have Policy Patrol 4, 5 or 6 installed If you have Policy Patrol 1, 2 or 3 installed Installation Installing Policy Patrol Server Installing remote administration Connecting to the Policy Patrol server Policy Patrol Services Modifying the Policy Patrol installation Uninstalling Policy Patrol Importing users Licensing users Import from Active Directory Import from Exchange Import from Lotus Domino Manually import users Creating a group based on a Domain Creating a group based on an LDAP Query Using a query filter to license users Editing licensed users Auto-licensing Disclaimer rules Configuring a disclaimer/signature rule Step 1. Rule Users Step 2. Rule Direction Step 3. Rule Conditions Step 4. Rule Exceptions Step 5. Rule Actions Primary actions Secondary actions Ordering of secondary actions…41 iv

5 5.1.6 Step 6. Rule Scheduling Step 7. Rule Name Editing existing rules Copying rules Disclaimer position maps Viewing disclaimers in Sent Items How to order rules Configuring rule ordering Processing speed Ordering result Process next rules Creating filters Creating a Word/Phrase filter Creating an /Domain filter Active Directory users in filter Editing filters Copying filters Creating templates Creating a Notification template Creating a Disclaimer/Signature Template Creating a standard Disclaimer/Signature Template Creating an HTML Stationary Disclaimer Template HTML Stationary Editing templates Copying templates Fields User fields Message fields Date/Time fields Other fields Configuring additional directory fields History Message History Message report Rules report Viewing details Event History Additional tools Auto replies Settings Schedules Users Server administration User security User access rights Component rights Folder rights Inheritance of folder rights Licensing System configuration System notifications Exclude IP System Parameters Automatic update settings Import Policy Patrol configuration Export Policy Patrol configuration…90 v

6 12.8 Policy Patrol Status Troubleshooting Knowledge Base No disclaimers are being added My Sent Items in Outlook are not being updated I cannot enter Licenses or browse to files or folders How can I copy the configuration to another machine? How can I stop Policy Patrol? Send support files Contacting Red Earth Software User merge field is not working vi

7 Chapter 1 Introduction P olicy Patrol is a comprehensive filtering tool that can block spam, phishing, confidentiality leaks, scripts, offensive content, viruses, add disclaimers & signatures, compress and decompress attachments, archive s and much more. 1.1 Why is filtering necessary? is a great business tool. It s fast, cheap, universal and easy to deploy. However, companies that make use of are confronted with a number of risks: Legal liability Damage to reputation Loss of productivity Network congestion Confidentiality breaches Regulatory compliance 1.2 Policy Patrol editions In combination with a sound policy, Policy Patrol helps companies protect themselves against these threats and gain more control over their system. Policy Patrol is available in different versions that each address particular requirements that your organization might have. Policy Patrol is available in the following editions: Policy Patrol Disclaimers ( disclaimers & signatures) Policy Patrol Spam Policy Patrol Mail + Filter + Server Tools = (anti-spam) ( rules, compression, backup, optional anti-virus) Policy Patrol Mail Security Bundle All features (formerly Policy Patrol Enterprise) 1

Professional email disclaimers and email signatures for Exchange Server 2007. Policy Patrol includes a powerful rules wizard that allows you to configure customized user-based disclaimers and signatures. With Policy Patrol’s advanced formatting and positioning options you can create the disclaimer and signature that is just right for your organization.

Professional email disclaimers and email signatures for Exchange Server 2007 and Exchange Server 2010. The program includes a powerful rules wizard that allows you to configure customized user-based disclaimers and signatures. With Policy Patrol?s advanced formatting and positioning options you can create the disclaimer and signature that is just right for your organization. Policy Patrol is the first email disclaimer product to show the email disclaimer and signature in Outlook Sent Items without requiring any client software or allowing users to edit or remove the disclaimer or signature before sending. Policy Patrol is used by companies such as USA.net, Nissan, Daewoo, Targus, Canadian Pacific Railway, Lotto, Sony of Canada and many more. Exchange Disclaimers | Exchange Signatures | Email Disclaimer & Signature Software. Email disclaimer & signature software: Add email disclaimers and email signatures with logo and Active Directory fields on Exchange Server 2003, 2007, 2010. Download 30-day trial.




Policy Patrol Mail Security Bundle Version 7 is a server-based email filtering suite for Exchange Server and Lotus Domino. It includes flexible and customizable spam and phishing protection, email management and filtering capabilities, email disclaimer and signature tools, and email archiving and attachment compression.

Policy Patrol Mail Security Bundle’s components offer the following functionality:

  • Spam and phishing protection: The software employs a variety of spam prevention methods to prevent receipt of unwanted messages, such as those without valid recipients, from senders on DNS blacklists, or from administrator-specified countries. A daily quarantine report of blocked messages can be browsed by users within Outlook to ensure receipt of non-spam email.
  • Email management and filtering: Administrators have the option to filter and block externally sent emails with dangerous attachment types or false file extensions. The software can also prevent internally sent emails with sensitive data from leaving the network. Reports of internal email policy violations can be sent to employees or managers at customizable intervals.
  • Disclaimers and signatures: Email disclaimers and signatures can include pictures, tables, and Active Directory merge fields, such as user name, telephone number, and email address. They also support formatting options like font type, size, and color. HTML disclaimers can be created using the included HTML templates, allowing users to edit the HTML source directly.
  • Message archiving and attachment compression: Restoration and recovery of deleted messages and archived mail using SQL Server, SQL Express, or MSDE makes lost or archived items retrievable by both users and administrators. Server-level compression and decompression of email attachments without user intervention automates zipping and unzipping files while saving network bandwidth.

Policy Patrol Mail Security Bundle can help nonprofits by preventing email-related issues like legal liability, damage to reputation, productivity loss, network congestion, and confidentiality breaches. It also allows nonprofits to standardize their email communications and use email messages as promotional tools.

This product is available as a 64-bit version for use with Exchange Server 2007/2010 and a 32-bit version for use with all other mail servers.

Additional Services Available at Reduced Rates: Policy Patrol Mail Security Bundle includes licenses for up to 25 users. Nonprofits that obtain this donation can get additional licenses and services at a 35 percent discount by visiting http://www.policypatrol.com/techsoup.htm.

  • Additional user licenses for Policy Patrol Mail Security Bundle can be purchased in increments of 10, 25, 35, 50, 75, 100, or more.
  • An additional server license must be purchased for each additional Policy Patrol Mail Security Bundle server installation, including those on cluster, backup, and front-end servers. Additional user licenses must be purchased separately.
  • Antivirus add-ons to Policy Patrol Mail Security Bundle from Kaspersky and BitDefender provide optional server-level protection against viruses. The licenses provide product updates for one year, after which updates may be purchased annually at the discounted rate.
  • Red Earth provides email technical support with Policy Patrol Mail Security Bundle. Organizations wishing to upgrade to full telephone support and maintenance can purchase a one-year maintenance agreement from Red Earth.

Trial Version: A trial version of Policy Patrol Mail Security Bundle Version 7 is available online. The evaluation version is fully functional for unlimited users for a period of 30 days after installation. A license received through PNGO PROGRAM will unlock it for permanent use with no need to reinstall.

Downloading the Policy Patrol Mail Security Bundle Version 7 Installation File: When your donation request has been approved, an email will be sent to your organization email address containing a license key and download instructions.

Choose Carefully: The administrative fee for this downloaded product is not refundable.


For use with Exchange Server 2007/2010 (64-bit version)

  • Hardware:
    • x64 architecture– based computer with dual-core processor
    • 3 GB or more RAM
  • Software:
    • Windows Server 2003/2008
    • Exchange Server 2007/2010; Windows Small Business Server 2008
    • .NET Framework 2.0 (included)

For use with other mail servers (32-bit version)

  • Hardware:
    • 500-Mhz (or higher) Pentium III processor
    • 512 MB or more RAM
  • Software:
    • Windows 2000 Server, Advanced Server; Windows Server 2003
    • Exchange Server 5.5/2000/2003; Windows Small Business Server 4.5/2000/2003; Lotus Domino R5/R6/R7/R8, or other mail server (Exchange Server required for screening internally sent emails)
    • .NET Framework 2.0 (included)

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